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It's quiet. TOO quiet...

Posted by Matt Bruns, Ian Lilly on July 29, 2013 at 9:15 PM

Yes, we stll exist. The universe has been smackin' us around lately a bit more than seems reasonable, both north and south.


Our fearless leader Mr. Pink aquired some weird neurological malady. (I assume it relates to a recent secret trip to Thailand, but he's all "No, it's probably just Lyme, dude". Pfft. He's recovering but looks funny. Funnier. If that were possible.


Pink Lady is working harder at Grad school than a human oughta. And kickin academic buttocks at one of the top schools in the world. You go, Mimette.


Winger still has burned out bronchii thanks a nasty space full o chemicals he didn't know about.  But he's hoping for a medical/technical solution set that gets him back on field shooting his teammates in the back of their heads like usual. 


Co-Capt. Beaker is off serving his country again, this time keeping Missouri safe from Illinois, apparently. Xeon is out saving lives all the time.


Mr. Red and Hoss have toddlers. Nuff said. They'll have some great stories someday. Why- I remember once my tiny daughter walked out into the driveway and...


Nah. She starts at UCONN in a few weeks, and I'm saving THAT story for her potential husband. :D


Everyone else has jobs and families, too. Everyone knows what a challenge it is to get by these days. Thanks goodness for our MIDLANT brothers who are holding it together in Maryland and elsewhere. A joint task force of The Mouthy Mimes took an MVT at EMR recently!


We Yanks were lucky enough to run across a bunch of MIDLANT folks who were not only incredible players and grand teamates, but who also dig the MM approach. (Play to win, don't be a d***, and laugh your a$$ off), but who were also dumb enough to play and win in mid summer wearing our black BDU's!  Go team! :D I know we'll all be at OXCC for the Battle of the Bulge in December, but we'll also be filling in the NORLANT and MIDLANT event schedule with events between now and then, too.


So stay tuned. We can't wait to see everyone back on the field!



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Reply Alan Jones
2:37 PM on July 30, 2013 
BlacknBlue - aka my wife - got Mono and Lyme together and missed a bout a month of her life all told. Now that the boy is a grad and employed in Ct as of last week., I am hoping to get him out with us a few times. Looking forward to it.
Reply Jeff Cannon
3:13 PM on August 10, 2013 
Greetings from south of the Mason-Dixon. Us maryland guys have been a little quiet ourselves, myself with a 7 month old and 55+ hour a week job, other guys with similar situations. we are planning an event in October at OXCC and of course, Battle of The Bulge. But we miss our yankee brethren and can't wait to see you guys (and maybe party) again.