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Peace through Paintball

Posted by Matt Bruns, Ian Lilly on April 10, 2012 at 8:45 AM

Click through for the most entertaining and weirdly optimistic article about paintball you will read today.


Paintballing with Hezbollah Is the Path Straight to Their Hearts

"We figured they’d cheat; they were Hezbollah, after all. But none of us—a team of four Western journalists—thought we’d be dodging military-grade flash bangs when we initiated this “friendly” paintball match.

The battle takes place underground in a grungy, bunker-like basement underneath a Beirut strip mall. When the grenades go off it’s like being caught out in a ferocious thunderstorm: blinding flashes of hot white light, blasts of sound that reverberate deep inside my ears.

As my eyesight returns and readjusts to the dim arena light, I poke out from my position behind a low cinder-block wall. Two large men in green jumpsuits are bearing down on me. I have them right in my sights, but they seem unfazed—even as I open fire from close range, peppering each with several clear, obvious hits. I expect them to freeze, maybe even acknowledge that this softie American journalist handily overcame their flash-bang trickery and knocked them out of the game. Perhaps they’ll even smile and pat me on the back as they walk off the playing field in a display of good sportsmanship (after cheating, of course).

Instead, they shoot me three times, point-blank, right in the groin."

Great, insightful article and pics at the link above. Check it out.

Click here to also listen to the NPR interview with the Ranger involved.

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Reply Ian Lilly
6:45 PM on April 10, 2012 
Excellent article. I posted on this, this morning and my comment didn't save.