The Mouthy Mimes

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

About Us

We are not clowns. We are Mimes.

Mimes perform their art by way of assault on the enemy through violence of action and the body language of gunning, running, and taking the enemy flag.

We don't tell jokes. We win. Welcome to the paintball team.

Ian "Mr. Pink" Lilly      

Policies: UCMJ "Uniform Code Mime Justice" Per Mime Adjutant Tribunal


  1. Team Integrity is priority number one as a Mouthy Mime Scenario/Speedball Player.
  2. Anyone caught cheating will be disciplined or removed from the team.  The officers work extremely hard to keep members informed on pertinent information and up to date on events. We also represent several sponsors and we will not tarnish their names by being lazy and complacent.  They have put their trust in our name and we shall do the same by remaining Steadfast and Loyal.  The Mouthy Mime name and the names of our sponsors will not be ruined over complacency.
  3. Paint purchased in bulk for events that are B.Y.O.P. are meant for that event or other events along the way that are B.Y.O.P. Every field has their own individual rules and we shall abide by them.
  4. It is up to each and every member to buddy check one another and keep our integrity strong and true.  After all we, are only Mimes, and Mimes are human too. Super human but human none the less.
Actions speak louder than words.  "Somebody., U.S. Army" 

Contact Information

For general questions about our Paintball team or this website, you can reach us at